Curves Rock and RMHC:: Glam Suite for a Cause!

Cupcakes, Massages, Make-Overs and Mothers!

In December 2015, Curves Rock had our first annual Holiday Party! It was also our Superpowers video release party and we were super excited about the release. The admission for entry was a toy , that we would ultimately take to the Ronald McDonald House Baltimore to put smiles on the face of children.

While we were delivering the toys, just before Christmas… we engaged the parents in conversation as the children were sorting and deciding which toys they wanted. The mothers thanked us for bringing the toys and asked about our organization. After a few minutes of describing our mission and vision, the mother’s thought our organization was “Awesome” and they talked about how they wish they could find the time to “Glam” themselves up. We were touched at how grateful the mother’s were and we understood the sacrifices that they were making to ensure that their children received the best health treatment. When we left that night…we knew that we wanted to come back.


On July 20, 2016, Curves Rock,in partnership with Salontra and Watson Global and several talented women (Make-up artist, Massage therapist, Nail Technicians, Hair stylist) volunteered their time to Glam the mothers at the Ronald McDonald House Baltimore!

This was an awesome way to kick-off a weekend dedicated to fashion and empowerment! The mothers enjoyed our Glam Suite and we enjoyed making it happen! There is so much to learn from these experiences, as you are giving back to the community, you hear so many stories that will not only help you grow but it will also enrich your life. We are thankful to be apart of these women lives…if only for this one day.


We would like to thank the Ronald McDonald House Charities for letting us be apart of their families! We look forward to continuing our awesome relationship with you in the future, making a difference in the lives of others!


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