…Because Body Positivity isn’t only for Plus Sizes.

Meet Tonya Carpenter. I am sure Ms. Carpenter never imagined that she would be walking the illuminated runway of Empowerment during Curves Rock Fashion Weekend. Tonya is a resident of a Traumatic Brain Injury program/facility.

We reached out to James Robinson, a Supervisor at a local Human Services Organization and asked him, if he knew of any plus size women that would benefit from being empowered at Curves Rock! The special thing is…Tonya never knew that by walking down that runway, she would also empower others! Can you imagine the courage that it took to walk down a runway, light shining brightly and over 300 people sitting on the sides of you, for the first time!

What I loved about Tonya was her willingness to learn, to endure and to face the challenge. Isn’t that something we all need to remind ourselves of daily. Tony had no idea what she was in store for. She let us “beat” her face, change her clothes and then give  her instructions. Tonya could not wait to walk the runway! She was backstage asking…when will it be my turn! And when her turn came… she walked the runway like a pro!

In true, Curves Rock attendee fashion…The audience loved her! They stood to their feet and applauded Tonya! Our guest ROCK! Some were crying, some were clapping, and some were shouting Yassss! lol


Moments like this… are a reminder of so many things! It’s a reminder to be encouraged! It’s a reminder that you can do ANYTHING with the right attitude and support! It’s a reminder that your journey belongs to you, but it can also serve as an inspiration to somebody else.

Curves Rock is a movement. We seek to empower…to encourage and to be the change that we want to see.  When you attend our events, we expect that you see all the latest fashion, connect with wonderful people…but most importantly leave inspired and empowered.

Thank you again James and Charlene Robinson for helping us to make this possible!

~Chanell Nicole, (Founder)

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